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A visual identity for the vision specialists.

Creative Direction & Design

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Alex Nicholls (Interior Design)

Glassworks are independent vision specialists based in Tel Aviv. They offer a unique customer experience — from their library of carefully selected frames by independent designers to their world class treatment and equipment. All of which is housed within their UNESCO-listed building in 'The White City'. 

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A clear vision.

Prior to their launch, I was approached by the founders of Glassworks to create a visual identity that embodied their vision of a fresh approach to eye-care and customer experience in Tel Aviv. Their flagship retail space was to be the central touchpoint for the brand, housed in 'The White City' the UNESCO-listed building was fitted with locally sourced materials, and finished with various plaster techniques typical of traditional Middle Eastern architecture. It was important that the brand art direction would compliment and celebrate the areas rich architectural heritage as one of the worlds finest collections of buildings from the Modernist Movement.

Bespoke wordmark  /
A customised wordmark was created to give a classic modernist font a comtempory twist. 
Colour harmony  /
The colour palette was designed to live in harmony with the pshysical space. Drawing inspiration from the neutral tones of the materials and introducing hues that are akin to mediterranean landscapes. 
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Digital assets /
The visual language was extended into Digital applications, helping to encourage user engagement with the brand.
Website  /
Signage  /
Type treatment  /
Part of the brand visual language was the ability to typeset copy with a subtle nod to classic vision test boards. These could then be obscured to support the messaging.  
Illustration stamps  /
We created a series of illustrations that could be applied to communications, adding a personal touch to the customers experience. 
Point of sale  /
The personal touch was carried all the way through to point of sale. 
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The Results

The result was a visual identity that worked harmoniously with the brands physical space. Helping to unify the customer experience, whether it was online or in-store. 


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