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Crafting a digital platform for the female lead editorial.

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Joel Kitzmiller (CD)

Violet magazine invites the most talented and highly sought-after female photographers, stylists, editors, artists and writers in the world to collaborate and make each issue of Violet a landmark. After years in print the editorial was ready to make its digital debut. 

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A new home.

After years in print Violet was preparing to make its mark in the world of digital. As part of this transition they needed to launch a temporary preview site to allow them to begin the commercial conversions that would lead them to launching a larger platform. It was also an opportunity to inform a wider audience of upcoming calendar dates and provide a more in-depth look at content supplementary to the print edition.

This shift into a wider user-base required us to rethink the design, art direction and content strategy for the platform. We focused on what we could pull from the printed material as well integrating low maintenance, high value curated content from around the web. 

Wireframes  /
Once the content strategy was defined, the next step was to map out a intuitive user experience to house it. 
Responsive UI /
We needed to ensure that the design was optimised for mobile screens as traffic through social platforms was key to the sites growth plan. 
Image gallery  /
Mobile screens  /
In the news   /
Articles could be surfaced from their curated news page, helping to keep the landing page current and providing users a reason to return more regularly.  
Supportive links  /
Articles from the print addition could be supplemented with live links from reading links to fashion wish-lists. Helping to increase the value of the content to violets audience when viewing online.   
Curated calendar  /
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By supplementing Violets more in-depth editorial features from the print edition with live daily updates from around the web, we were able to offer users an incentive to keep visiting the site. While also laying the foundation for the next phase of the platform. 

Staff picks  /
In order to keep the site feeling live we introduced a staff picks news feed of daily curated articles from around the web.   

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